Question 1 - How can I get Technical Support, if I get stuck at any point?
Answer - If you have any product or technical questions or are having problems logging in to the Child Anxiety Tales program after receiving your receipt of payment, please send an email to:

Question 2 - How do I sign up for the Child Anxiety Tales program?
Answer - Thank you for your interest in Child Anxiety Tales! Click on the “Sign Up” button at the top of the website or from the Child Anxiety Tales page on the website. Then follow the instructions for “How to Register” below.

Question 3 - I have paid for the Child Anxiety Tales program but have not received any login information?
Answer - No problem. Simply send us a mail at Our dedicated support team will get back to you.

Question 4 - I do not want to provide credit card information online. Is there a way to purchase the program by phone?
Answer - Currently, there is no option to purchase the program by phone. Once payment is made online, the login credentials are emailed to your registered email address automatically. While there are always new risks to online payments, we have used the most conservative and up-to-date technology to protect your payment information and do not provide the information to any third party.

Question 5 - I have paid and received my login credentials but my userid and password are not working?
Answer - If you are having problems logging in to the program after receiving your receipt of payment, please send an email to

Question 6 - I don't have a fast internet connection. Will the program work for me?
Answer - This program contains 3D elements that respond better to faster internet connection. It is optimized in a way that it can perform well with any broad-band connection. If you still find it difficult to stream the program on web, please go to the “Download Modules” section and download the modules. You can access them later from your computer.  

Question 7 - What are the system requirements of the Child Anxiety Tales program?
Answer - The Child Anxiety Tales program runs smoothly on any Windows 7/iOS 6 or higher supported computer. The recommended configuration is:

Operating System – Windows 7 or higher, iOS 6 or higher
RAM – 4 GB or higher
DVD ROM -  For the DVD package of the program
Internet Connection – Broadband internet connection

Question 8 - Is there an expiration of the subscription?
Answer - The username and passwords will expire after 1 year. At the end of 1 year from the time you subscribed, you will receive an email reminding you that the username and password will expire and give you the option to renew. There is a discount of 30% to renew the subscription.

Question 9. Is Automatic Renewal available?
Answer - Yes, the option for automatic renewal and also a clear option to “opt out” of automatic payments are available in the payments portal.

Question 10. Are multiple languages available?
Answer - The program is currently only available in English.


Instructions for Logging In

Click on the “Sign In” button from the top of the website OR in your browser’s address bar, enter the following URL:

Enter your assigned User ID and Password that was emailed to you in your “Welcome” email. You will have the option to change your assigned password after your initial login.

You will be taken to “My Workspace” which gives you an overview of the program. Click on the “Child Anxiety Tales” tab at the top of the page to begin the program. The “Home” screen and a book will appear which you’ll have to “Click to Enter.”

Next, click “Module 1” to begin the first module.  You can also click on any of the tabs in the left margin for additional tools and resources, including a personalized “Symptom Checker” to give you some information about the nature of your child’s anxiety.

PLEASE NOTE: Your user ID and password will expire after 1 year at which time you will be offered the option to renew or terminate your program registration. In order to maintain a high quality user experience, we must limit the number of users that can use a unique user ID at any given time and will limit the number of devices from which the program can be accessed to 5.


How to Register: