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We thank you for taking time to learn about anxiety and its treatment… and we applaud you in taking this step for the sake of your child. The last two decades have brought tremendous progress in the treatment of anxiety in youth. There are now solid data to support the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy - or CBT - as the first-line treatment for children and teens with anxiety (Hollon & Beck, 2013). There is data that shows that changing how kids cope with anxiety today can change the trajectory of how anxiety does or does not interfere in their lives long-term.

This Coping Cat Parents site was developed to educate parents, families, and professionals about anxiety and the treatment of anxiety in children and adolescents. We have brought together relevant resources, tools, and tips from the experts in the field that will be informative, and help you feel confident as you move forward in helping your child.

To provide specific guidance, there is an online parent-training program available from this website that was developed for parents. The program, Child Anxiety Tales , provides tools and strategies to use to help a child manage anxiety. We describe the program briefly here and you can also find out more about it from our website. Just go to the copingcatparents.com homepage and you’ll see buttons for Child Anxiety Tales where you can click to learn more.

Please enjoy www.copingcatparents.com, use all the resources provided for you, and get your own access to the Child Anxiety Tales program. Additional resources are available at www.workbookpublishing.com


Child Anxiety Tales

Child Anxiety Tales is an online program for parents who would like to learn how to help their child better manage stress and anxiety. The program was developed by Dr. Philip Kendall and Dr. Muniya Khanna, experts in the field of child anxiety treatment. Dr. Kendall is the author and developer of the Coping Cat treatment, a cognitive-behavioral treatment for children and adolescents with anxiety. The Coping Cat treatment program is one of the most effective evidence-based treatment programs in the world for childhood anxiety, backed by over 30 years of ongoing research. Drs. Kendall and Khanna have collaborated to develop Child Anxiety Tales, based on the same cognitive-behavioral principles, to give parents simple and practical strategies to confidently support their child or adolescent who may be struggling with anxiety. Child Anxiety Tales is an interactive and engaging program that can be completed at your own pace from the privacy and convenience of your own computer. It is not a treatment but an online educational program for parents.

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Symptom Checker

Parents can complete a symptom checker, which will provide personalized feedback on your child’s symptom status and recommendations for next steps. Keep track of your child’s progress by following the results of the symptom checker over time.

Our symptom checker allows you to click on the symptoms that are consistent with what you’re seeing in your child and provides personalized feedback on your child’s symptom status and recommendations for next steps. Parents can complete a symptom checker to keep track of their child’s progress by following the results of the symptom checker over time.

Find out whether your child may be suffering from excessive stress or anxiety by answering a few simple questions.

Use the Symptom Checker

10 Interactive Training Modules

The program is fun and easy to use. It includes 10, 35-minute web-based fully animated modules that teaches parents background and principles of cognitive-behavioral treatment, relaxation techniques, and step-by-step guidelines on helping children and adolescents understand how to manage anxiety. The educational content is fully driven by principles that have research evidence to support it. Parents will have easy access to gold standard evidence-based treatment principles for child anxiety at their fingertips!


Parents Tips & Testimonials

The program also includes tips and testimonials directly from other parents of children with anxiety. Parents can see videos, read excerpts, and hear audio from other parents who have helped their children with anxiety.


This program will also be available for download for those who do not have internet access or would like to complete the program offline.

Tools & Resources

The program includes access to handouts, printable materials, sample exposure and relaxation videos and downloadable audio files, and a comprehensive list of web-based resources and research reports that are relevant for parents of anxious youth. This will be continuously updated to ensure availability of the most up-to-date information on child anxiety.


To Get Started...

Just a few quick steps to get started using the Child Anxiety Tales Program! Click on the “Sign Up” button below or at the top of the webpage to register and complete your purchase. Once your purchase is complete, you will receive a unique user ID and password, which will give you full access to the Child Anxiety Tales evidence-based parent-training program. The program includes 10, 35-minute modules designed to teach parents cognitive-behavioral strategies for helping anxious youth, a symptom checker, helpful book and resource links, and tips from parents and experts on child and adolescent anxiety. You will have access to the program for 1 year after the purchase date, after which you will have the option to renew.

Cost: $125

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What Child Anxiety Tales is Not

Child Anxiety Tales does not replace professional psychological, medical or mental health services or treatment.

The Child Anxiety Tales program does not take the place of treatment and is not sufficient for the treatment of an anxiety disorder on its own. Child Anxiety Tales and CopingCatParents.com is for educational purposes.

Child Anxiety Tales recommends that parents seek immediate psychological, medical or mental health services for their children in cases in which diagnosis of a mental health or psychiatric disorder is questioned or suspected.


A number of mental health or psychiatric conditions fall outside of the scope of the Coping Cat Parents website and the Child Anxiety Tales program, including, among others:

  • Depression, Suicidality Bipolar Disorder
  • Substance-Related Disorders
  • Eating Disorders
  • Schizophrenia/Psychotic Disorders
  • Developmental Disorders
  • Mental Retardation
  • Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders
  • Personality Disorders
  • Learning, Motor Skills, and Communication Disorders